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Vorpal Blade
" Your knife is necessary, but not sufficient. Always collect what’s useful. Reject only your ignorance and you may survive. " - Cheshire Cat

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When you ask people about Lucien Lachance.

#I’M SORRY BUT ALL I CAN THINK OF IS HOW MUCH THIS REMINDS ME OF MEAN GIRLS #”lucien lachance? how do i even begin to explain lucien lachance”  #”lucien lachance is flawless”  #”he has two poison apples and a silver dagger.”  #”i hear his hair’s insured for ten thousand septims”  #”i hear he does contract killing. in the IMPERIAL CITY.”  #”his favorite book is ‘chance’s folly’.”  #”one time he met the countess of chorrol on a day trip. and she told him he was handsome.”  #”one time he punched me in the face. IT WAS AWESOME.”  #tes  #i will never be over lucien lachance 

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